Top IEEE Standards That Are Used in Our Daily Lives

IEEE Standards

We might not realize the benefits of things that we use in our daily lives as we forget their value due to constant usage. But when we begin to lose the same, things will become a lot more clear, and we will once again realize the importance of having it. The same goes out for IEEE standards because we might not even be aware of the impact that it has on our daily life. So to help you understand the same, here are top IEEE standards that are used in everyday life.

The IEEE Standards for Wi-Fi.

The IEEE standards for Wi-Fi begins with a framework that goes ahead to enable a number of devices from various vendors in order to communicate with one another. While this is quite common, the standard accepts the challenges, and its standardized interoperability enables people to use their devices and applications with any Wi-Fi access points. Thanks to that, top apps such as FaceTime and Skype get things across and take matters to a whole new extent.

IEEE Standards and Hospitals

IEEE Standards and Hospitals

The impact of these standards for doctors and their patients is another aspect that one needs to know about. More importantly, the IEEE 11073 family standards tend to enable medical devices to connect and communicate with other hardware. As a result, devices such as oximeters can now communicate with PCs, tablets, and other such devices. Due to this, the jobs of health-care workers and other such individuals have become a bit easier, and they can access things in a better manner.

It makes the procedures faster and moves along the line to help people recover from the many health-related problems that they are facing.

The Importance of Going Green

We have all heard about the need to go green, and with the impact of climate change, that need has reached a new height. While the different steps and methods that we perform in this regard are quite important, one also needs to know about IEEE standards that are fighting the cause. IEEE 1547-1018 tends to include a complete framework for connecting storage systems and renewable energy sources with an electrical grid in order to allow your home to be greener and sustainable.

As the technology is quite advanced, one can expect the same to benefit a community and help everyone out in the right manner.


The different standards mentioned in this article covers a few of IEEE’s impacts. But there are more that you need to know about, including its standards in connecting the world with LANs and other essential aspects. As a result, you need to explore these standards and learn more about them.

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